About us


Brut de Mer brings the Cote d’Azur to the Gerard Douplein in Amsterdam. We are a dynamic oyster – fish – wine bar with a cozy atmosphere. Our fresh oysters are delivered daily from the Zeeuwse oyster pits. Brut de Mer has a large assortment oysters from various regions. The oysters are professionally opened by one of our oystermans. They can inform you about each oysters and advise you on a suitable wine.

Who are we

In April 2015 Brut de Mer opened in the Pijp in Amsterdam. Brut de Mer belongs to 5 friends, who all have their own specialism, which creates a strong synergy within Brut. For some we are an oyster bar, for others a fish restaurant. Everyone experiences Brut de Mer in their own way. With the way we serve the guests, our robust appearance and fantastic dishes, Brut de Mer has put fish back on the map. We are not traditional and certainly not stiff, with creative dishes, with the best ingredients and enthusiastic staff, we have a very beautiful and cozy concept!