CITIZENMAG: Seafood with a side of great service

CITIZENMAG: Seafood with a side of great service

Brut de Mer

Seafood with a side of great service

Eating seafood is always tricky because I love seafood but a good seafood restaurant is not easy to find. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to trawl through the city looking for decent seafood because I’ve found the perfect spot. Brut de Mer at the Pijp offers the most fantastic seafood, with a side of great service, which is hard to find in this town. Last week was my first time at Brut de Mer but it definitely won’t be my last. With the weather being as perfect as it was, we wanted to sit outside but every table was taken. We noticed that one couple was about to leave so we subtly waited next to their table and ended up striking a conversation.

During our conversation, one half of the couple mentioned that he had lived in Spain (jealous) and with seafood being a staple there, he had extremely high standards for it. In his opinion, Brut de Mer is just as good as his favourite seafood restaurant back in Spain. With that glowing recommendation, we just had to order a few different dishes and to his credit, he was absolutely right.

Due to our geographic location, the prices of seafood are obviously not what they would be in Spain, however for Dutch standards, it wasn’t expensive. I’m really looking forward to my next visit. Not just because the service was great but because the kitchen closed before we could order any more of the great dishes they had to offer. Unfortunately they don’t have Spanish business hours but everything else is more than reason enough to pay them a visit. Buen provecho!

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